Highgate House 2

London N6

This project involves adding a rear extension of some 23 metres width across the entire rear elevation of a large four storey Victorian house with the addition of a new subterranean swimming pool below the rear garden

The house is predominantly formed from two semi-detached properties and is located close to Hampstead Heath within the Highgate Conservation Area.

In approving our application for planning consent for this scheme, Haringey Planners stated that they considered the proposed design to be of ‘high quality and subordinate to the main building so would preserve and enhance the character and appearance of the Conservation Area’.

This was achieved by carefully designing the rear extension as a predominantly glazed ‘pavilion’ like structure in order to offer a high degree of transparency to the solid nature of the existing brick built building.

As well as the provision of additional entertaining space, the rear extension ‘unlocks’ the internal layout, which was compromised due to the combining of the two houses some decades ago.

A new discreetly naturally lit pool and gymnasium is directly accessed from the rear extension via a new staircase.