"Invisible Kennels"

Feasibility Study

This was a feasibility study to investigate the potential of building a semi-submerged kennels facility on green belt land to accommodate a total of 60 dog kennels plus all supplementary staffing and service areas.

Our proposal was to build the new kennels building into the landscape in order that it would ‘disappear from sight’ from elsewhere on the site.

The existing grounds are very attractive and the intention was that the new building should not detract from this. The kennels are semi-submerged into the contours of the existing landscape with grass roof areas opening out into the centre to allow daylight into the kennel runs and provide further exercise paddocks.

The blocks are laid out in a semi-circular fashion enclosing 8 exercise paddocks with an access route around the internal perimeter. This perimeter is covered with overhanging eaves to shelter the route from rain, shelter the dogs from the sun in summer as well as allow low sun in winter to help heat the kennels.

Cutting through the banked up perimeter are a number of access routes linking up with existing paths that will also allow daylight and views into the rear rooms.

Covering the banked up roof of the kennels will also allow for areas to be walked on for dog exercise, provide very high levels of thermal massing to help prevent overheating in summer and will retain heat in winter. As well as absorbing rainwater, these grass and sedum roofs will create a natural habitat for wildlife and help to make the building visually disappear from further up the site.