Pearson Performance Cycles

Sheen, London SW14

This is a new shop for the UK’s oldest bicycle retailers who were founded some 150 years ago.

The shop opened in September 2011 and features exclusive international brands, such as Ridley and Serotta, as well as Pearson’s own 2012 range of fine quality frames. There is a raised timber platform for the display of cycle clothing and accessories with a timber slatted changing room. All the hanging rails and supports are steel Kee-Klamp sections which have been spray painted in two of the Pearson colours and accessorised with stickers to reference bicycle frames.

There is a cycle repair workshop and coffee bar at ground floor level and two Cyclefit studios plus two treatment rooms at first floor level.

This new shop sets Pearsons apart from the average modern bicycle shop in terms of it’s appearance and image. We completely stripped the interior back to it’s bare bones including sandblasting internal brick walls, stripping piers down to steel columns and discovering an original ceiling above . We then started to add the internal fittings in layers with various elements framed for emphasis and composition with various elements such as the new range of performance cycles set against the rough and ready nature of the interior backdrop for maximum contrast. It is a design that can evolve, adding and subtracting layers as necessary.

The idea was to arrive at a low cost/high impact solution that will improve with general wear and tear. It also needed to be comfortable and welcoming as well as get a sense of the history and ethos of Pearsons as a 150 year old British family firm.


Pearson Cycles

We wanted a comfortable and welcoming low cost/high impact solution that would improve with general wear and tear over the years and we are delighted with the end result. Five years later and the shop is still looking great.

It was very important to have an architect on board who would glean a sense of the history and ethos of Pearsons as a 150 year old British family firm. Jonathan Clark Architects fully recognised this right from the initial design process to completion on site.

We have also managed to encourage Jonathan to become a keen cyclist!

Guy & William Pearson, Owners, Pearson Cycles